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Thank you for your interest in booking a reading with me.

Currently, I am offering tarot, oracle and natal chart readings. I will not conduct any readings regarding health, death or yes/no. If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor.

As a reader, my goal is to bring you closer to your truth about what is happening right now. I want to work with you to find an answer or a solution, not to predict your future. I invite you to have an open-heart and an open-mind because these cards nor these stars lie. I specialize in matters relating to spirituality, love and relationships, and self-help/growth, but these are not my limitations. If you are unsure about the type of reading to select, but you are sure you want to work with me, email me at

If you have never had a tarot reading before, the best questions are open-ended beginning with 'how' and 'why.' Having a question or specific concern is not required. To learn more about each type of reading as well as how to book, please see below.

There will be NO refunds unless I deem absolutely neccessary.

Before completing this form, I advise you to browse through my currently offered readings below.

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All tarot readings are $33 and will be 3-card spreads with an additional 4th card as the "root." You do have the choice of selecting which deck you would like me to use for your particular reading. If you are unsure, please select the "Dealers Choice" option.

These readings will be written and emailed directly to you, unless otherwise stated. Turn around time is, at most, one (1) week.

Santa Muerte Tarot
Image of the Santa Muerte tarot deck in a 3-card spread

The Santa Muerte deck is a beautiful deck that offers advice of the dead. When you want a straight answer, this is the deck to call. If you have any specific concerns surrounding money, career, love, family or indecision, I highly recommend this deck.

White Light Tarot: Light from Within
Image of the White Light tarot deck in a 3-card spread

The White Light Tarot deck is a reiki infused deck with keywords and chakra center references. This is an emotionally invoking deck and is best suited for matters concerning spirituality, self-love, growth, and healing.

Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal
Image of the Liber T tarot deck in a 3-card spread

The Liber T deck is Thoth lite, but Thoth nonetheless. If you definitely want to incorporate the magic of the astrology and esoteric knowledge into the spirit of your reading, then this is for you.

Dealers Choice
Image of the Santa Muerte tarot and oracle deck together

If you want a reading, but are unsure (or don't care) of which deck, please select this option, and I will make the choice based on your inquiry.


Oracle readings differ from tarot readings because there is no standard deck with suits or court cards. Oracle readings offer guided messages to provide you with greater insight into your situation. If you are feeling stuck or unsure, consider an oracle reading for a different perspective.

Santa Muerte Oracle
Image of the Santa Muerte oracle deck

The Santa Muerte Oracle is a beautiful companion to the Santa Muerte Tarot, but stands powerfully on its own. This deck honors The Day of the Dead, Santa Muerte and the Aztec Gods and Goddesses.

Black Angel Card Oracle
Image of the Black Angel Card Oracle deck

The Black Angel Cards are meant to offer an invitation to the reader to reflect into their life and understand their true nature. A session with these cards will require you to dive deep and inform you of your waking and sleeping paths.


PLEASE NOTE: I will be using traditional astrology (i.e. use of the 7 traditional planets and the lunar nodes) with the sidereal zodiac to conduct these readings. Please do not purchase a reading expecting a Vedic astrology reading or tropical zodiac interpretations.

Once you have submitted the form and completed your purchase, I will send you a confirmation email, and we will begin scheduling your reading 2 to 4 weeks from that date. Sessions will be conducted over Zoom.

Solar Return
Image of a Jane Doe Solar Return chart

In this 60-minute session, we will look into any Solar Return of your choice. Here you can take a look at the year ahead and discover how you can best prepare for and navigate it.

$99 - 60 minutes
Foundational Reading
Image of a Jane Doe birth chart

In this session, we will cover the foundations of your chart i.e Sun, Moon, Ascendant and the Ascendant Lord. This is a very basic reading that will serve as an introduction to your natal chart.

$55 - 30 minutes
$77 - 60 minutes

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